Equine Law Royal Palm Beach, FL

Equine Law in Wellington, Royal Palm Beach & West Palm Beach, FL

Kelk Phillips, P.A. serves clients who are involved in a variety of equestrian disciplines. Attorney Laura Kelk Phillips has been involved in the horse industry for over twenty years. She has competed internationally and based on her experiences can provide an inside perspective on a range of legal services surrounding equine legal matters.

The purchase or leasing of a horse can be a simple transaction that, with the right legal advice, can go smoothly. Some common pitfalls to the transaction are not having a contract, not investigating who actually owns the horse, the horse being medicated during the trial and not having liability insurance. Kelk Phillips, P.A. can help you avoid or deal with these issues and many more.

How many horse deals have you heard of that have gone bad? Protect yourself with a contract. Whether you are selling, buying, leasing, or forming a syndicate, your interests should be protected by a well-drafted contract. Even if you are giving away your horse for free, it is important to protect yourself from future liability should anything or anyone get hurt as a result of the horse in the future.

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